Akkarakkalam Memoirs is a sprawling 10 acre land with natural flora and fauna, beautifully converted into an ideal tourist destination for the nature lover as well as for the common globe-trotter. Here you can experience the backwater life at close quarters and inhale the natural scent of pristine countryside.

Akkarakkalam Memoirs is in the Kainakary village in Alleppey district. It is peerless in its structural stature and colossal grandeur. It stands the test of time and has every characteristic it portrayed 150 years back. The old cellar for rice called “Ara” and the housing rooms have the same old charm and purity. Everything about Akkarakkalam Memoirs has the fragrance of old times. Even the porcelain flick switch will take you back to a period long lost. However, as part of keeping pace with the modern times and in view of maintaining a high quality, a dash of modern facilities has been adopted here and there, especially in toilets and open baths. Apart from that, what you experience will be exclusive ancient eminence and grandeur. The red oxide floor, wooden furniture, wooden walls etc have the feel and touch of everything reminiscent of old homes.

Akkarakkalam Memoirs is on the banks of the tributary of Pampa River. It is accessible by water and is only 5 minutes from Nedumudy on Alleppey-Changanassery route. The charm of it is enhanced by paddy fields at the back and water bodies on the other three sides. It is tranquil all around, broken only by chirping birds or the hushed knock of an oar in a canoe.

It is cool and shady with different trees. Arecanut, coconut, cinnamon, old spice, different varieties of mango, guava and several other tropical trees lend the land a fresh and green look. A walk through the property will be refreshing and rejuvenating.

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