Ayuryaan the harmonious journey of life

Ayurveda the science of life with a legacy of more than 5000 yrs is worshipped in the serene surroundings of ayur yaan.

Ayuryaan means the vesel of life.It represents the harmonious sail of an individual at physical, mental and spiritual level. Its art of learning how to endure and go beyond the storms and waves of the external world.


Just as an axist of wheel is made strong and durable by applying grease around it,the human body becomes strong and lubricated by oil application.Based upon individual body constitution special oils are used,which will stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems.This assists in the flow of nutrients in body and removes toxins from the cells.It prevents aging and has a rejuvenating effects.


Abhyangam with ushma sweda

Ayurveda advocates Abhyanga or application of medicated herbal oils on body on daily basis for longevity.It tones the body , enhances eye sight, and ensures sound sleep.
In Ushma Sweda or steam bath, the sweat pores open up after sitting in a steam chamber filled with aromatic steam of herbs.It is a pre-requisite for panchakarma therapies or purification procedures for the body.
(Abhyanga with Ushma sweda : 60 minutes : Rs.1500/-)
(Abhyanga without Ushma sweda : 50 minutes : Rs.1200/-)

Four hand synchronous massage

Four hand synchronous massage

This is the traditional oil massage from head to toe by two therapists on either side in a synchronous rhythm.The process is excellent for mental and physical relaxation.
(60 minutes : Rs.2500/-)

Drava Sweda

Drava Sweda

The decoction prepared out of more than 20 herbs is used to bath the whole body.The herbs selected will be based on the body type .It will pacify the doshas (vital elements),relax the muscles and leave you with a refreshed feeling
(60 minutes : Rs.1200/-)



This is done by applying pressure on the vital points or marmas.The masseur applies pressure with the fingers, thumb or palm at certain points.This massage can do wonders in overworked,tired,and stressed muscles as it helps to stretch the body and alleviate fatigue.
(60 minutes:Rs.1200/-)



This is a process in which the body is made to perspire by continuously pouring lukewarms herbal oils in a peculiar pattern followed by gentle massage .This treatment strengthens the muscles, rejuvenates the body at cellular lever, and improves the texture and complexion of skin.Pizhichil is carried out on healthy person as a rejuvenating process.
(75 minutes:Rs.3000/-)



Fomentation with warm roasted leaf bags is done along with the basic massage .Elakkizhi helps to relieve the spasm and stiffness of muscles, libricates the joints, strengthen the spinal muscles and relieves joint pain especially backache.It will enhance the peripheral blood circulation , cleanse the channels of circulation and expel toxins through the sweat.The procedure can be done using medicated powders / combination of 9 cereals in place of the herbs depending upon the health condition of the patient.
(75 minutes:Rs.2200/-)



Massage with ayurvedic oils for thr whole body is done in the first phase of this treatment.This is followed by masage with warm rice (medicinal rice,Njavara)bags dipped in a combination of milk and herbal decoctions.This massage nourishes tissues, softens the skin ,enhances complexion,strengthens body muscles, cures the stiffness of the joints,and improves digestive power.
(75 minutes:Rs.2700/-)


Ksheeradhara (Sarvanga)

Steady stream of luke warm medicated milk is continuously poured over the body from a traditional bronze vessel called kindi in a peculiar pattern while the body is simultaneously massaged .Tis massage softens the skin ,increases the blood circulation ,improves complexion and has a rejuvenating effect .It is suggested for relieving the pain,spasm and stiffness of muscles & joints.
(60 minutes:Rs.2000/-)


Udwarthanam (Powder massage)

Initially a special herbal powder based on the body type and health condition will be selected.Massage with that powder will be done for one hour after 30 minutes of oil massage.Other than the broad spectrum uses in treatment of diseases it can be used as a scrub for exfoliation, fat depletion and strengthening the muscles. Udwarthanam will remove impurities,dead skin cells and stimulate circulation.
(60 minutes:Rs.1800/-)




Asteady steam of medicated oil is poured on the forehead in a peculiar pattern after a basic massage.Sirodhara is very effective for mental relaxation and has a curative role in sleep disturbance,head ache, hair problems and skin diseases.
(60 minutes :Rs.2500-/)



It’s a unique process done in kerala in which medicated buttermilk is poured on the forehead after aa basic massage.It’s an excellent cure for body weakness,head ache ,body aches,urinary system dysfunctions,ear diseases and eye diseases.
(60 minutes:Rs.2200-/)


Siro vasti

In Sirovasti,pool of luke warm oil is made to stay on head.This is preceded by a head massage.It cures hair fall,premature graying,splitting of hair and strengthens neck muscles.Sirovasti is advised to increase the sharpness of sense organs.
(60 minutes:Rs.1250/-)



A paste made out of amla and special roots is applied on the head after giving a gentle head massage .Its main site of action is central nervous system and is usually advised for mental relaxation.
(45 minutes:Rs.950-/)


Nasya and dhooma

Nasya,one of the pancha karma/cleansing procedures is application of medicine through nostrils with broad spectrum action.This is preceded by a head and face massage.It is highly effective in headache, sinusitis,facial paralysis,mental disorders and will improve the sharpness of sense organs.
(30 minutes:Rs.500/-)



Kadee vasti

Kadee vasti is a special spine care process.After a gentle massage ,luke warm oil is allowed to stay on the low back/upper back or neck for 30 minutes in a dam made with dough.This therapy relieves occupational tension buildups, stiffness, spasm,pains and aches.This is very effective for sciatic pain and spondylosis.
(45 minutes : Rs .950/-)


Legs and Feet Massage

Legs and Feet Massage

Our legs and feet frequently get ignored and small twinges and discomforts often go unheeded.Massage provides the means to ease these tensions and revitalize this weght-bearing part of the body.In this treatment fresh herbs are cooked in Ayurvedic oils and packed into bags,which are applied over the legs and feet after the traditional hand massage .This relieves spasm,stiffness,muscle cramps,sciatic pain, and knee & ankle pain .This massage improves lymphatic and blod circulation and effective on swollen feet.
(30 minutes : Rs.750/-)


Anti Fatigue massage

Anti Fatigue massage

This massage is designedto relieve the stress and strain due to long journeys.This is helpful to relieve the muscle pain and aches, swelling on the feet , headache, sleep disturbance, constipation and other other discomforts of jetlag.
(90 minutes:Rs.2700/-)

Ayurvedic head neck & shoulder care

Ayurvedic head neck & shoulder care

The treatment starts with the traditional head massage using oil.Later fresh herbs which are cooked in ayurvedic oils and packed into bags will be applied over the neck and this relieves the head ache spasm and stiffness of neck ,shoulder and upper back muscles.This is very effective for cervical spondylosis.
(30 minute:Rs.1050/-)

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